How much does it cost to demolish a house in Brisbane?

Queenslanders are among the most mobile populations in the world. On average, 40% of us change our address every five years, which is about twice the global average.

We move for many reasons, such as work, changing circumstances, and downsizing because of an ’empty nest’. We are also a rapidly growing market of property investors looking to snap up the next great investment.

More people are looking at how much it costs to demolish a house in Brisbane rather than moving from the area they already enjoy living in, and we look at why this is a great, affordable choice.

Why knock down a home and rebuild?

If you’re in a great suburb or location that’s perfect for your family, but you’ve outgrown your home or need a substantial upgrade, knock-down the existing property and rebuilding is a great alternative. When crunching the numbers, the cost to demolish a house in Brisbane is often the better choice, given the expense of selling, agent’s fees, and relocating.

For property investors or interstate buyers, particularly those looking in highly sought-after areas, finding a livable property in the area, they want to live in or invest in can be challenging. If you’re in this position, sometimes the best option is to knock-down a residence, unit block or duplex and start again.

how much does it cost to demolish a house

Demolishing an existing home is much more common than you’d imagine

The Housing Institute of Australia estimates that around 34% of homes are built on blocks where an existing place has been knocked-down or removed. This number is only increasing as land in desirable locations becomes more scarce.

At Greenway, we have a proven Environmental Management System and aim to recycle or repurpose 70% of knock-down materials. This makes your demolition and rebuilds as environmentally friendly as possible.

Considerations When Deconstructing A Building

At Greenway Demolition we consider many factors when quoting to knock-down a Building and completely clear a site for rebuilding. Considerations that affect the cost to demolish a house in Brisbane include:
• The size of the existing house and the number of storeys
• What access to the site is like for getting equipment to the area and removing debris.
• For homes built between 1930 and 1970, there is a chance they will contain some asbestos. Hazardous materials such as asbestos can affect the overall price. Our systems and expertise in removing such materials safely and according to legislation help minimise the expense.
• Vegetation removal.
• Timber houses are generally cheaper to knock-down than brick homes.
• The foundations of brick homes are concrete, which needs removal.
• Swimming pools can also add to overall costs.

Trust Greenway for House Demolition

Ask Greenway Demolition – The Gold Coast and Brisbane Residential and Home Demolition Professionals

There’s no ‘one size fits all’ in residential demolition. The cost to demolish a house in Brisbane may vary compared to other clients. We’re always happy to visit your home and provide free quotes and advice that’ll help you plan your demolition and rebuild in a hassle-free way.

You can trust our crew to give you a fixed price, handle all the permits and paperwork, and ensure that your knock-down will be managed safely to the highest environmental standards. In most cases, we can put money back in your pocket by recycling your building waste.

We’re trusted Brisbane contractors with over 15 years of experience in getting residential demolition done correctly and on time. If you need to know whether knock-down and rebuild is the right choice, call us and find out how much it costs to demolish a house in Brisbane and clear your site.

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