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Greenway Demolition’s aim is to ensure your experience is seamless
and hassle–free, we work hard to make that goal a reality with
an organised, professional on time local team of experts.

Our Story

Greenway Demolition’s Director Amery Kim, began working in the demolition industry in 2006. Amery began surgically removing buildings and offices in inner Sydney, where planning and preparation was key. Amery relocated to the Gold Coast in 2019 and Greenway Demolition was formed.

Greenway Demolition provides professional demolition services in South East Queensland. Whether your project is to knock-down and rebuild, demolish redundant amenities or buildings, asbestos removal, or building strip-outs, you’ll experience a completely transparent and professional approach to demolition.

Greenway Demolition’s focus is based on quality and environmentally sound practices, and the Greenway Demolition team prides itself on being:

  • Safe
  • Organised
  • Professional
  • On-time
  • Efficient
  • Skilled

A local family owned and operated SME business, Greenway Demolition takes pride in providing a service delivered to its clients by a skilled team of professionals who manage customer projects from start to finish.

Drawing on over 120 years of combined experience in the industry, Greenway Demolition team members are trusted by builders, developers, and homeowners as a safe, reliable solution provider. Greenway Demolition uses specialised equipment to ensure each structure is systematically demolished using tried and tested processes that are efficient and cost-effective.

On top of securing permits and approvals, Greenway Demolition also conducts the correct site preparation and after-project clean-up to ensure delivery is a smooth and streamlined service from inception to completion.

Greenway Demolition undertakes complete or partial demolitions and with its well-managed, cost-effective service, often works on occupied premises, with consideration for those working around them, allowing routines to progress as usual.

Greenway Demolition is a privately owned business committed to maintaining its leading position within the marketplace.

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Why Choose Greenway Demolition?

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We're friendly, local and efficient

Whatever your demolition or strip out project, you’ll get prompt, professional service from your Greenway Demolition team. We’re happy to give advice and to organise all the permits and approvals you need. Because we’re local we understand what needs to happen to get your job started and keep it on track. We’re flexible and can also usually fit in with your timeframe.


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Trained and professional teams

All Greenway Brisbane Demolition staff are trained in demolition, recycling, and asbestos removal. We put the safety of our clients, staff and the public first so you have the confidence you need. When you choose Greenway as your demolition or strip out contractor you’re choosing experience and expertise.

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We care about the Environment

The future is important and Greenway Demolition are leaders in environmentally friendly demolition practices. We incorporates Better Building Practices (BBP) with a focus on recycling, reusing, re-homing. Our integrated Environmental Management Systems ensure that our work practices reduce negative effects on the environment and we aim to maintain above a 70% recycle rate.

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Every project is important to us

We’re a customer focused business and we care about every job we do no matter how big or small. When you choose Greenway Demolitions we’ll work with you and deliver your project as if it’s our own. 


Our Team

Amery Kim

Amery Kim


Amery is the onsite talent and lifeblood of The Greenway Team, his presence on and offsite is backed by a wealth of Demolition knowledge and experience.

With Amery’s expertise in Demolition and people management, he is the go to man for everything! Amery started surgically removing buildings/offices and pretty much anything in 2006. He spent many years in tight demolition locations in inner Sydney, where planning and preparation was paramount. Making the sea change to the Gold Coast in 2019, Greenway Demolition was born.

You’ll find Amery enjoying the beach lifestyle whenever he has the chance!

Deno Davis

Deno Davis

Operations Manager

Deno ‘Hollywood’ Davis is our reality TV star Operations Manager. When he’s not on site carrying out and overseeing all our machine and truck related demolitions, you can catch him on Foxtel’s Discovery Channel’s ‘Demolition Down Under’.

Deno has been one of the show’s favourite characters for 5 seasons now, most recently featuring in 2 episodes showcasing Greenway Demolition to a worldwide audience.

Deno could not be prouder of his experienced and loyal team, who have been working together for a long time, always leaving our clients wowed with their high attention to detail, professionalism and a level of customer service like no other.

Deno’s background hobbies include a long career in Rugby League and boxing / martial arts, so a career in demolition is only fitting as he just loves smashing things!

Kepler Cowan

Kepler Cowan

Business Development Manager

With a passion for “all things property”, beginning with his Bachelor of Property Economics, Kepler draws on his extensive background in construction and client services in his primary role in job planning and scheduling for the Greenway team, with a strong emphasis on the customer journey.

Kepler is constantly tweaking processes to achieve the best possible outcome for Greenway customers, and when not at work, you’ll likely find Kep shaking off the dust (pardon the pun) at the beach or out on the water.

Calvin Gladman

Calvin Gladman

Project Manager

Calvin is our guru on all things asbestos, managing asbestos testing and removal across our commercial and residential sites.

Calvin brings with him a wealth of knowledge in his field. Our nutty professor, holds a Master’s Degree and PHD in Environmental Science. His knowledge and experience strengthens the Greenway Team even further, implementing and delivering best practise solutions that support our endless commitment to sustainability, safety and the environment.

Michelle Bodalia

Michelle Bodalia

Contracts & Admin Manager

Michelle joined the Greenway team in January 2023, bringing with her a variety of business skills to support the company’s growth.MBA qualified, Michelle is responsible for the administrative and accounting functions, with 20 years’ experience in tender, bid and process management

Having lived and worked in the UK for 16 years. Michelle is very grateful to be back in the sunny climes of South East Queensland!

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Need some advice along the way? The Greenway Demolition team have over 17 years’ experience in all aspects of commercial and retail demolition including asbestos removal.

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