The environment and demolition

Our shared environment.
Demolishing a building requires thorough research and careful orchestration. It is essential for demolition contractors to always consider environmental safety which includes neighbouring properties, streets and minimising landfill. Greenway is the market leader in recycling/rehoming when it comes to Demolition. Greenway aligns itself with local Gold Coast companies like Red Neds, Burleigh second hand building materials and Hinterland used building materials. Greenway separates all Gypsum, timber and masonry sending these materials to the correct recycling centres. 

Material Salvaging and Recycling

Greenway Demolition leads the Gold Coast in environmentally sustainable demolition practices by salvaging and recycling bricks, tiles, timber and other fittings from our demolition sites. The environmental benefit of recycling materials is twofold: less material ends up in landfill and old building materials are reused reducing the need to manufacture new materials. 

Demolition companies must also adhere to EPA standards by using environmentally safe deconstruction methods. Asbestos and other hazardous construction materials, need to be removed safely before demolishing a building. Asbestos is safe when you engage Greenway to carry out the removal process. With Greenway’s advanced asbestos removal system you and your family will be safe and can breathe easy that your home is in the right hands.

There are some forward-thinking demolition firms that not only meet QLD government standards but exceed them and look for new and innovative ways to reuse building materials instead of sending them directly to a landfill. Greenway Demolition are the experts and have a unique perspective on the best ways to take down buildings. Therefore, there is a lot they can teach residential contractors when it comes to building methods, material selection and much more.

Sediment Control

During demolition and excavation works soil becomes disturbed, both a side effect of removing the house and tracking trucks and excavators over the site. This can lead to accelerated erosion or soil and sediment being carried off the site by rain and polluting local waterways. 

For Gold Coast residential builders, there is a definite cost-value to focus on eco-friendly issues, with the spike in demand for green construction from consumers that have taken place in recent years, which for earth-friendly building is the Holy Grail. The following tips are some of the most important things that industrial demolition experts recommend that residential builders consider.

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