Recycling materials including timber, steel and concrete

Green industrial demolition contractors are aware of what can be recycled from defunct buildings. That information can be very useful when residential buildings are choosing earth-friendly building materials for their projects. From the perspective of commercial demolition, the following materials can be recycled effectively upon demolition. Given how high disposal costs are currently, it’s definitely worth the cost to pay workers to separate these materials and re-home/recycle.


Tons of concrete can be derived from one demolition project. Fortunately, you can crush the concrete into gravel, which is a material that is in high demand for new building projects. Greenway demolition use industrial contractors with mobile concrete crushers that are able to process all of the concrete off-site very easily.


With the proper expertise and equipment, steel and other types of scrap metals may be processed to recycle into new products.

Beams and timber interior doors.

Timber posts, doors, and beams in good condition often can be reused, recycled or sold. Numerous Gold Coast architectural salvage companies that have an interest in these kinds of materials. You can recycle the wood if they are in poor condition.

Toilets and sinks

If these fixtures are in good condition an architectural salvage company can usually reclaim them. Otherwise, you can recycle porcelain materials with concrete, and stainless steel fixtures can go with other scrap metals to be recycled.
The two ends of the lifecycle of a building are construction and demolition. So it makes a lot of sense that the professionals from these two phases have plenty the can teach one other. Consider consulting with a demolition expert if your contracting team could use some new building knowledge.

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